How much do you know about the importance of shovel scraping on machine tools?

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What is scraping?

         The so-called shovel scraping is a work in which the technician uses a blade or a scraper to shovel the machine guide rail.

         It is the friction surface (the table top, the saddle, the headstock, etc.) that needs to be scraped and ground. The skilled person's shovel-scraping process can obtain flatness, straight angle, and straightness that are difficult to achieve by machining. The shovel is not a casual and casual operation. It is actually a method of reproduction. It is almost perfect to copy the mother. This mother is a standard plane and is also hand-built.

        Many people will wonder if people will be more powerful than machines. Can manual shovel can improve these machined surfaces? If it is purely its appearance, it must be impossible, and the work will not be more beautiful. Why do you have to shovel flowers? Because the purpose of the machine tool is to make other machine tools, but it can never copy a product that is more accurate than the original. Therefore, if you want to make a machine that is more accurate than the original machine, you must have A new starting point, that is, we must start with artificial efforts. Artificial effort refers to shoveling flowers by hand.

      Shovel is a skill that is even harder than wood carving. It is the starting point for the basic accuracy of precision tooling. The shovel eliminates our reliance on other machine tools and eliminates the bias caused by the clamping knives and thermal energy. The track of the shovel is not worn out - thanks to the excellent lubrication. Shovel technicians need to know a lot of techniques, but only experience can let him master the sense of precision leveling.

Although shovel is hard and expensive, it is an art-level technology. It is not easy to train a shovel master than to train a woodcarver.

Why is scraping very important?

Simply put, the flatness of machining is 10 μm. So what should I do to process a 5μm flatness? · Can only be scraped with a shovel.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of shovel scraping?

The state of contact between the face and the face depends on the subtlety of the shovel. One inch square 8 contact points, one inch square 16 contact points, one inch square 24 contact points. The more contact points, the better the contact state between the surface and the surface, and the higher the precision retention. The standard of Kodak's finishing machine is that all the scraping surfaces are more than 24 contact points per inch and the standard is acceptable. The oil tank has greatly improved precision retention.

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