Reasons and solutions for the unstable size of common CNC lathes

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Reasons and solutions for the unstable size of common CNC lathes

Dimensional accuracy refers to the degree of conformity between the workpiece size and the dimensional requirements of the machine. Therefore, in the numerical control lathe internship, in order to improve the dimensional accuracy of the part, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation skills in the machine operation. Common control methods for dimensional accuracy of parts, such as accurate tool setting, tool wear compensation adjustment, and modification of dimensional control accuracy in the program. The resulting workpiece is accurate in size but the surface is not clean.

1. The tool is not sharp and the tool tip is damaged.

If the tool is not sharp after being worn or damaged, re-grind the knife or choose a better tool to re- sharpen the knife.

2, the machine tool generates resonance, the placement is not stable

To select a place where the ground is stable, place the CNC machine and adjust the angle. Fixed and stable.

3, the machine has a phenomenon of crawling

The reason for the mechanical creep is that the carriage guide is worn out and the screw balls are worn or loose. The machine tool should pay attention to maintenance. After work, clean the wire and add lubricating oil in time to reduce friction.

4, the processing technology is not good

First select the coolant suitable for the machining of the workpiece; and in the case of meeting the processing requirements of other processes, it is best to use a higher spindle speed as much as possible, so that the processed product will be very smooth.

5, machine tool carriage long-term high-speed operation, resulting in screw and bearing wear

Use a dial gauge to lean against the bottom of the tool holder, and at the same time edit a fixed cycle program through the system, check the repeat positioning accuracy of the carriage, adjust the screw clearance, and replace the bearing.

6, the speed of rapid positioning is too fast, the drive and motor reaction does not come

The fast positioning speed is too fast, and the properly adjusted speed, cutting acceleration and deceleration, and time allow the drive and motor to operate normally at the rated operating frequency.