Double spindle swiss CNC lathe power head

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Product Details

The machine tool has higher function, which is reflected in the advantages of tool diversity; high precision, fast power and low noise etc, which can be completing at one time; such as turning, drilling and so on.

The back spindle og the machine can be selected with the spindle of the machine tool at the same time; the back spindle can hold the parts to the end processing of the parts, best for the parts need to be processed at both ends at the same time.

The bar feeding part of machine can be equipped with automatic feeder, which can realize one-man operation and multi-machine machining mode, saving resources. Suitable for aviation, aerospace, automobile, motorcycle, communication, refrigeration, electrical appliances, electronic, clocks and other parts.

Machine tool use Taiwan control system.

Machine tool can be equipped  with high speed precise synchronous guide sleeve, so it can use in a lots of the high precision machining of stainless steel parts. High-speed cutting of parts.