Made In China Machinery CNC Turning Lathe

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Company: foshan shunde guoqiang daosheng Industrial co.,ltd.

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 4 axis(Y axis) cnc lathe
  • Max.swing diameter: 450mm
  • Max.processing length: 200mm
  • Chuck size: 5inch, 6inch or other
  • X/Z axis travel: 1040/250mm

Product Details

  1. Can be equipped with 3*3/4*4 integrated unit power head, Y and C axis functions,realizing the turn-milling combined-type processing,simplifying the processing of complicated product, and reducing the trouble caused by secondary processing and improving product precision.

  2. Accessories imported from Japan and Taiwan 

  3. Maching body casting with resin sand.

  4. Lathe bed tilts 45°,makes operation and chip removal more convenience.