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Product Details

-Machine tool control system usesTaiwan syntec system. Other brand  control system can be chosen.

-Machine body and the basic is casting  with  resin sand casting in one piece, its features strong vibration resistance and diffcult deformation.Lathe bed tilts 45°, theinclined placement of lathe carriage and tool holder makes machine tool operation and chip removal more convenient.

-High precision spindle, comprising Japan NSK precise bearings;three-jaw hydraulic chuck or other elastic clamp can be directly fitted on the main shaft flange.

-The drive part of machine tool uses  Hiwin/PMI high precision P3 class ball bearing screw and high speed linear slide rail, a famous brand from Taiwan and is provided with computer automatic lubrication system for forced lubrication of linear guide rail and ball bearing screw. For X axis and Z axis, high rigidity linear slide rail is adopted with optimum span between rails through calculation. With low resistance, high rigidity and high precision, the displacement speed can reach up to 24m/min so as to improve working effciency and reduce processing time.

-Machinable for long axial and large plate of products; easy to process, slender bar can be equipped with following tool holder.